HODL APE CLUB is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT in honor of the #MOASS movement and the #APE community.
HODL APEs are unique ERC-721 NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain. We carefully choose and create over 140 possible traits that we hope are fun to see and collect by our APE communities.

Digital commemorative

Badge of Honor

When you own a HODL APE, you’re not only owning an NFT. You own a commemorative Badge of Honor to the MOASS movement and APE community.

Ownership and

Commercial Usage Rights

It’s yours. You own it outright and are free to use it however you like under a non-exclusive license.

Members-only Access

and Benefits

Your HODL APE NFT also act as your HODL APE CLUB membership card and access to memebers-only benefits. Our Members will have early access to our future projects.


Here at the HODL APE CLUB we want to be part of the revolution for a Fair and Transparent Market

Your HAC NFT is both a beautiful art piece and a representation of our appreciation and support for the financial revolution for a Fair and Transparent Market
This project started by four baby apes, It is merely a commemorative token to the entire movement. We believe the HODL APE CLUB could be a ribbon for the movement and we want your help to grow the HODL APE CLUB and get the word out.

Our Plan for the future?

To celebrate selling out we will have a Honorable HODL APE CLUB NTF Project, similar to BAYC Honorary Member Project. The Project will be enirely seperate from the HODL APE CLUB and each of the artwork uniquely represent and honor to a person who make massive contributions to the movemet. The NFT will be Airdrop to each of these honorary member of our community!

Next Project

We will begin development of our HODL APE CLUB for ladies Ape that will be fun and beautiful. We are really excited to start on and we want your ideas and opinions for the development of this Project!


is extremely excited about the future! We believe we have a great future ahead of us and we have ideas for initiatives, airdrops, collabs with other projects, and more!


What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and means that it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some of NFT's main functions are to be digital art. HODL APE NFT is unique and collectible digital art.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum and is needed to purchase and mint a HODL APE NFT. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xABCD….1234), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here! https://metamask.io/

How do I Purchase HODL APE NFT?

New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to get your HODL APE.

1. Download the metamask.io extension for the Chrome/Brave browser or app on mobile (https://metamask.io/). This will allow you to make purchases with Ethereum and can be found in the extensions tab. If you are on mobile, you must use the Metamask App Browser.

2. You can purchase Ethereum through the Metamask Wallet using Wyre or Send Ethereum from an exchange like Coinbase (https://www.coinbase.com/).

3. Click on Connect at the top of the page and connect your Metamask.

4. Once connected, you will be able to purchase the NFTs in the mint section. You will be prompted to sign your transaction. FYI, there will be a transaction fee (Ethereum Gas Fee) associated with every transaction.

Once you have made your purchase, your HODL APE NFTs will be viewable in your wallet and on OpenSea (https://opensea.io/collection/hodlapeclub).


The HODL APE CLUB are hand-draw and algorithmically generated NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain. HODL APE CLUB is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT in honor of the #MOASS movement and the #APE community. Every single HODL APE minted on the blockchain has a unique combination of traits and is all unique. That means no two apes are the same. HODL APE CLUB was created with our belief in the movement for a Fair and Transparent Market. All possible traits were carefully chosen reflect to things that are meaningful to us in our #APE communities.

What happens after I purchase a HODL APE?

Your HODL APE will be stored in the wallet you used to purchase them. They are also viewed and tradable on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea.io

What can I do with my HODL APE?

It’s yours. You own it outright and are free to use it however you like under a non-exclusive license.

Who is the team behind HODL APE?

We are a team of four baby APE united through the movement.

White List / Reservations / Pre-Sale / Giveaway?

No White List, Reservations, Pre-Sale. We will just have a fair release. 100 HODL APEs saved for giveaways and rewards.

Reveal Time?

Each HODL APE will be revealed within 24 Hours after Mint.

What is the smart contract address of the project?

Verified Smart Contract Address: 0x7B62E9778f5ab286Dc39FCaC95D5F874dEd8c97f

How much for a HODL APE?

HODL APE CLUB NFT will be offered for a flat rate mint price of 0.0420 ETH + Gas (Ethereum Transaction Fee)



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Gorilla Bear

Seasonal Retarded